Peter Kromans Familietræ

Hans Rhumann MonradAge: 47 years16771725

Hans Rhumann Monrad
Birth July 7, 1677
Birth of a brotherThomas Monrad
about 1678 (Age 5 months)

Birth of a brotherFrantz Fredericksen Monrad
February 2, 1679 (Age 18 months)
Birth of a sisterMargrethe Monrad
about 1682 (Age 4 years)
Death of a brotherFrantz Fredericksen Monrad
March 18, 1721 (Age 43 years)
Death about July 1725 (Age 47 years)
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Marriage: about 1671Øyer, Oppland, Norway
8 years
younger brother
-6 months
6 years
younger sister
-3 years
younger brother
-3 years
elder sister
Sara Ericksen Monrad
Birth: about 1675Øyer, Oppland, Norge
Death: about 1675Øyer, Oppland, Norge
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