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Hindsgavl 30.07.2020

Dagens vandring, Hindsgavl 30.07.2020

Gårsdagens vandring

Yesterday's hike

Today I will exceptionally write my story in English. This is because the hike yesterday, 30.07.2020, was with my son Thomas and his fiancé Sterenza, and Sterenza is at the moment better at English as she is at Danish ☺

So – the original plan was to perform two hikes this day, because my kids live in Bangkok, and are not very often here in Denmark, it was important for me to show them what kind of nature I enjoy to walk in and to take them out to see actually see it.

One of the hikes planned was around the Hindsgavl Peninsula. Actually my plan was to make this hike the last one of the day because it offers the most beautiful surroundings, but I changed my mind on the day to start in Hindsgavl in stead.

So I invited the kids to an “Under The Bridge” hike.

We started our hike at the marina just in front of Kongebrogården Hotel, and from there we walked along the path “Lillebæltstien” with the sea on our right hand and the forrest on our left hand. And after a rather short time we walked under the old Lillebæltsbro (Lillebæltsbridge).

The plan was to reach a point on the path called “Varnæs Batteri”, and then cross over the forrest to Hindsgavl Castle. The purpose was not to make the hike too long, because we had two hikes to perform on the same day.
I think I can say, that the kids liked what they saw very much here ☺

Arriving to the “Varnæs Batteri” point, I said to the kids, that now we have to make a decision. We can cross over to the castle, or we can proceed on the path and go alle the way round the Hindsgavl Peninsula, which will be a longer hike, but then we could consider to save the other hike for the next time.
The votes fell on walking around the the Hindsgavl Peninsula

They just felt it was so beautiful.
And it really is beautiful there. When we started walking it was a little cloudy and windy, but very soon the wind died almost down, and the clouds disappeared, and in that kind of weather it is hard to find places that looks more beautiful than this one does.

On our way we had a lot of experiences. We were eating wild cherries (Sterenza needed some kind of a ladder to reach
😲), we enjoyed the views over Lillebælt from the very dramatic cliffs around the Peninsula (some of which was locked because of danger of landslide).

And again we saw this very special natural phenomenon where landscape and trees and their roots are helping each other to keep living. That is rather breathtaking.

On our way, we found a little place on a cliff with a bench and a table, and here we paused and sat down and enjoyed the fantastic views over Lillebælt in the sunshine. Actually we could see all the way to Vejle, and the bridge over the fjord there.

We passed the old “Hindsgavl Borg”, which earlier have been the most important defense for these parts of Lillebælt, and which in fact is a made island that rises rather high up in the landscape, and that has a moat around it.

Here Thomas got so excited that he had to stand om his hands

Well over the “Hindsgavl Borg” island, we reached the park of Hindsgavl Castle. And that is besutiful. Sp well kept, and so nice and pretty to be in.
So Thomas just had to stand on his hands again

It might be when he discovers something he really likes that he needs to stand on his hands

After a good walk through the garden we crossed the “Hindsgavl Deergarden”, and headed towards the bridge again. Soon after we went under the bridge again, same place as before, but entering from another place – and then back to our car at “Kongebrogården Hotel”

A really nice hike. 7.5 km, in a very relaxed tempo, and in really good company.

If you like such walks, and beautiful nature, I can warmly recommend this

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