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In general about the family and these pages

These are stories of a family made up of farmers, workers, day laborers, fishermen, traders, crofters, smallholders, landowners, lots of children, strong women, cool men, weak men and ditto women. In all, stories about people. Ordinary people who all, and each, have a destiny and a life course that in itself contains interesting stories that are worth telling.

It is important to me to make the reader aware that all the stories on these pages are still under construction and therefore will probably never be completed. Just as there will always be missing details in the stories, and stories in general.

It is also important to say that I do not in any way with these stories claim to know a definitive truth, and that it is the only one I convey here. The truth is relative when researching genealogy, and the stories here on the pages are the best bid for my truth when I wrote it. But the stories are dynamic, as I said, and any relevant information that might come to my mind will be incorporated into the stories along the way.

You meet, along the way in your story reading, a word or phrase that looks like this, it means that there is a link to some supplementary information on the topic. Click the link and click Return in the upper-right corner of the new page to return to the page you came from. Links to external pages open in a new window or in a new tab.

It is my hope that you will find pleasure in reading the stories.

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The author appr. anno 1959

Here the family tree with the last 5 links in the genus is shown in straight line from the narrator's perspective. These are the people here, and many more, you will find stories about on these pages.

You can see much more in the family tree if you click on the image.

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